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Creative Commons and Open Access

Creative Commons is a topic I’d like to attend a talk on, to be able to ask questions, go through all the variables “if this, then that”. I know there is a licence chooser but do feel that a face to face conversation would be helpful.

The same goes for open data, and it’s social and economic potential. Sometimes I do need an actual conversation to learn!


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valuing libraries

Yesterday I wrote a post on my day to day blog about how the lack of visibility, websites and social media in a library may reflect a lack of value and support in the overall organisation.

I tweeted this post and received great responses and ongoing conversation on this subject. Later today I will Storify the tweets. And once I’ve finished assessment 2 I will come back and flesh out my thoughts a bit more.

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First post for INF206

I would define social networking as: online spaces where you can have a conversation, share and collaborate.

Social networking that I actively use: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Blogger,, Diigo, GoodReads, Google+, Flickr, VimeoPandora, Pinterest and I regularly collaborate on Google Sites and Docs and communicate using Skype and IM (my main method of communication)!

I also have accounts on LibraryThing and Delicious however these are not updated regularly as I am ‘exploring’ alternatives (GoodReads and Diigo).

I am hoping to learn how to refine and evaluate my social networking so that I don’t instantly jump on every new thing that comes along! And how to use social networking within a local community, not just libraries and information services.