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ask your PLN!

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Assessment 2 for INF206 was a social media policy for a real or fictitious library service. Given that I do not work in a library and never have, I often find these type of assessments difficult as my lack of experience leaves big gaping holes in my knowledge. Luckily I have a fantastic group of study buddies who all have loads of library experience and are willing to answer my questions and let me pick their brains.

During the assessment writing process I realised I didn’t know if libraries who ran social media had a one person social media strategy or a team. So I asked Twitter:

I received some retweets which helped spread the word, far and wide, all the way to Ireland and New Zealand and around Australia. And the answers were fantastic! People gave great insight into what their organisations currently does or doesn’t do, plus their own thoughts on the matter.

When it came to thanking everyone and gathering my thoughts I realised it was going to much longer than 140 characters so I blogged about it instead, then tweeted:

And feedback I received! And more retweets which brought in comments via Twitter, Direct Message on Twitter (from people who aren’t able to publicly comment due to their job), offers of email addresses if I wanted to ask more questions and from comments on the blog. The second tweet and blog post led me to recommendations from @Larrydlibrarian on great Australian libraries who tweet, Facebook and interact and I made some new connections for my PLN. I received 181 page views on my valuing libraries blog post which for me is plenty and I’m glad that people read it.

Although I have used Twitter for a couple of years now and do talk frequently this would be one of my most successful crowd-sourcing attempts to date. And the reaction I received from my subsequent blog post really gave me a boost to my confidence in sharing what I blog but also that I was understanding what I am studying. And ultimately that having a library PLN is a most wonderful thing. Librarians love to share and talk (yes I am generalising but in my experience this is the truth).


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