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Creative Commons continued

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Following on from my post about how it’s a struggle to understand creative commons licencing, this post from Bobbie Newman aka Librarian by Day highlights how complicated using Creative Commons licenced photos really is. Slipper slope springs to mind.

Bobbi says that she has begun weaning herself off Flickr photos and on to using her own or sometimes paying for images (Newman, 2013). So I feel a little better about my concerns and confusion over exactly what is useable and what isn’t. The comments on this blog post are also very insightful and have given me some more ideas to explore.

In the meantime, I think I’ll aim to be using my own images as well and keep trying to find blog posts and articles which assist in my understanding of using images.

Newman, B. (2013, January 27). The Danger of Using Creative Commons Flickr Photos in Presentations. Librarian by Day. Retrieved February 2, 2013, from


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